Be a Part of Our Greater Toronto Area Dog Training Success Stories!

“We are so thankful that we called Maple Leaf for dog training our sweet Westie puppy, Eleanor! When we first adopted Eleanor, she showed the typical puppy behavior. However, being new dog owners, we became more concerned with our ability to manage the destructive chewing, constant jumping, and especially, the nonstop accidents. Maple Leaf Dog Training put everything into perspective, gave us the proper instructions and tools to help us overcome Eleanor’s issues, and we all could not be happier! The training has given Eleanor direction where she can learn to behave AND be rewarded!” -Peter, Jamie and Eleanor


Toronto Dog Training Success Stories!“I could not recommend a better dog trainer. Our dog Bender was out of control, particularly while on the leash and when he’d see another dog. We sought out two other trainers before settling with Maple Leaf. We were SO frustrated and prayed that we’d finally found the right trainer for us and Bender. Turns out, Maple Leaf was EXACTLY what we needed and should’ve been our first phone call! We learned to be consistent, effective leaders for Bender and were able to teach him how to relax and behave appropriately. The results are long-lasting and we are so happy we can walk Bender now without any worries of lunging, growling or snapping!” -The Hanlon family


“Before calling Maple Leaf, I was told by friends to be careful with dog trainers. They told me their own experiences with trainers being condescending, unwilling to try different approaches, and my friend Jan even claimed that her last dog’s spirit was completely broken after a trainer came in. Still, as reluctant as I was, I gave it a shot and immediately was relieved. When I was on the phone setting up the consultation, I could tell the Maple Leaf crew were incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and EXCITED to help me and my dogs, Mac and Millie.

Then came the consultation and the following training, and WOW! I felt so comfortable learning to train my dogs and became more empowered as head of the pack. Once upon a time, Mac and Millie had free reign of the house, and had destroyed half of my furniture and also would fight over toys. After completing Maple Leaf’s reward-based training, the pair can now freely roam around without any mischief or bloodshed. And their spirits? Fully intact! We actually feel like a happy family once again! Thank you so much!!!” -Marsha, Mac and Millie


If you have a new puppy, give me a call. If you have an older dog who has been making some questionable choices, give me a call or email me. No problem is too much for me. The number for Maple Leaf Dog Training is 800.649.7297.