Puppy Training OakvilleĀ – Let’s Prevent Behavior Problems Before They Start!

Oftentimes, dog owners will put off training until their dog is full grown. Training can certainly be achieved when a dog is older, but setting boundaries early on makes this an unlikely necessity. Maple Leaf Dog Training’s in-home puppy training program can help you set your puppy up for success.

Puppy Training Toronto - start off on the right paw with Maple Leaf Dog Training!I’ll travel to your home to speak with you in person and meet the new addition to your family. Together, we’ll assess any behavior problems your puppy may already be exhibiting and go over the basics like house training, crate training (if desired), proper leash handling techniques, and basic obedience training.

My goal as a trainer is not just to come in, fix your puppy, and then walk away. That type of philosophy results in relapses, and you’ll just be calling me again when the dog is older and begins pushing the limits again. Instead, I believe in empowering the owner. I’ll give you the tools and confidence to handle any new and undesirable behaviors on your own. You are a valuable part of the training process, and as such you’ll learn everything I know about how to make your puppy the perfect part of your family.

Maple Leaf Dog Training’s puppy training program also includes “proper bonding,” which simply means we will work to establish a foundation of trust and respect between you and your new pet. This is essential to ensuring that you can put your new knowledge to work.

The puppy training program is open to any dog aged sixteen weeks and younger. If your puppy graduates from the program and develops any behavior problems as he/she matures, and you feel as if I haven’t offered you the tools you need to handle it on your own, I’ll offer you a discount on our in-home training program for older dogs.

If you’re ready to get your puppy’s training started, give Maple Leaf Dog Training a call at 800.649.7297, or send me an e-mail through the contact page.