Cribs and Canines: Dog Training for New Parents in Canada! 

Like dogs, we here at Maple Leaf Dog Training also love babies! For parents, their baby’s entrance into this world affects the whole family, including the pets! Most dogs have a natural instinct and understanding of a baby’s delicate nature. Still, even if your dog is the gold star champ when it comes to being an obedient and friendly pup. there are no guarantees when it comes to new pack member, For some dogs, they are lost on how to make such an adjustment, without exhibiting fear or anxiety.

Toronto dog trainer, Tara Atkinson, is now offering the Cribs and Canines training program for both expecting and current parents. Before and after the birth, Tara will see to it that there are no obedience problems with your dog, such as jumping (especially on the baby, or on pregnant mom!), nipping, destructive habits, territorial aggression, etc. You as the owner will be equipped with the proper tools and education on how to create a consistent environment for your dog, and then maintain it once the baby arrives!

Along with solidifying your dog’s recall and focus, Tara will also prepare your dog to the idea of the baby being present…before the baby is even there! Through real-life scenarios, such as walking well next to a stroller or showing impulse control when the owner is paying attention to the baby, Tara will take you on the path of success, where your ENTIRE family will move forward together, ensuring security and happiness for the whole household.

If you already have a baby and have a dog exhibiting poor behavior, don’t hesitate to contact us also! At Maple Leaf Dog Training, we always strive to keep families together and to make sure that no dog needs to be surrendered or re-homed, due to completely treatable behavior problems. With our Cribs and Canines, we aim for the same exact thing, where we can help create a smooth transition for the dog and baby, thus keeping the ENTIRE family safe and happy!

Call us to schedule your initial consultation! Our office can be reached at 800-649-7297, or drop us a line at!