Learn About Our Oakville Dog Training Programs – Best Dog Training Around!

Do you need a trainer who can get to the root cause of your dog’s behavior problem, rather than one who offers cookie-cutter, hit-or-miss advice? If so, choose Maple Leaf Dog Training! Our programs are created around your dog’s specific personality and behavioral tendencies, as well as your lifestyle. We can outline a program that works for you and gives your dog the highest possible chance of success.

Toronto Dog Training Programs -  Learn More!Our program selection includes a puppy training program that is designed to start your relationship with your new puppy off on the right paw. The puppy program addresses common problems found in puppies aged sixteen weeks and younger, such as house training, walking on the leash, basic obedience, introduction to other animals within the home, and proper bonding.

Our aggressive dog training program targets dogs that need careful handling and special care until we can eradicate their aggressive tendencies. Common causes of aggression include the dog’s will to dominate, sibling rivalry, overprotection of territory, fear, anxiety, and possessiveness. We’ll get to the bottom of the issue and create a program to turn your dog’s behavior around so he/she can be the lovable pet you always hoped for, and so your dog can experience tranquility and happiness.

Our basic in-home training program uses time-tested techniques to help dogs overcome bad habits like jumping on guests, barking excessively, eliminating in the house, tearing up furniture/clothes/shoes, pulling on the leash, and selective listening. This program is also used to help dogs that experience any type of anxiety, whether it is over separation, the crate, strangers in the house, other animals, and more.

 The newest program available through Maple Leaf Dog Training is Practical Pet Protocol, our group training course which is ideal for dogs older than six months of age that only need basic obedience training. In a group setting, dogs can socialize and learn with other canine students the fundamentals of good behavior and recall.

For more detailed information on these programs, click on the tabs above, give me a call at 800.649.7297, or send me an e-mail through the contact form.