Meet the Office Staff working with Tara at Maple Leaf Dog Training GTA! 

John Van Olden

John Van Olden is the founder of Canine Trade Group and a twenty-year veteran of the dog training industry. After years of teaching incoming trainers and training dogs himself, John got the idea for a company that could easily connect frustrated dog owners with professional, certified trainers in their area. This became Canine Trade Group, of which Maple Leaf Dog Training is a part. By calling one phone number, owners in the Toronto area will be connected to Maple Leaf Dog Training, just as owners across the United States can be connected with local trainers.

John is renowned in his field because of his drive, dedication, and years of experience. He began training police dogs in the military at eighteen, and his career carried him to found and preside over several training companies. Canine Trade Group is his latest and, arguably, greatest achievement so far.

Cristin Nataro

Cristin entered the Canine Trade Group family with a healthy knowledge of canine behavior modification. Her own dogs have won several titles in AKC Agility Competitions, so she certainly knows how to convince dogs to perform in a certain way. However, she didn’t realize exactly how different behavioral training was until she encountered her own furry problem child, a border collie named Sike!. Sike! exhibited resource guarding, anxiety, and even aggression. After Cristin learned how to deal with his issues using Canine Trade Group techniques, Sike! became a calmer, kinder part of the family. Cristin works in the CTG offices, happy to share her knowledge and experience with other dog owners.